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When you're walking or riding with friends and spot a jeep wrangler, you are to place both hands around their neck and gently "strangle" them while shouting "Wrangler Strangler!"or simply pointing at the vehicle.

It is unnecessary to say licence after a wrangler strangler because it is understood that the 'strangler' cannot be strangled.

The phrase was coined by a small group of Bronx teens in the early 2010s.

*Please don't seriously strangle your friends, that's rude*
(Jeep Wrangler drives by)

Toni: Wrangler strangler!

(Strangles Steph)

Stephanie: Wrangler strangler!

(Strangles Donna)

Donna: Bitch!
by That White Sauce February 02, 2013
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A retarded breed of human that fucks horses, sheep, and/or cows and lives in the country. Usually seen wearing deniem pants that cut iff his or her circulation at the ankles. Thus making thier ass look huge and ugly.
"Hey dude, look at that wrangler strangler!"
"Damn, he is a wrangler starngler!"
by smellyeyes September 04, 2007
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