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(noun): a state of mind carrying a degree of similarity to mindfuck; when one is so incredibly overwhelmed by positive emotion and/or refusal to believe in the concurrent situation that the only words traversing both their brain and mouth are 'wow' and 'fuck'.
He was unable to speak for the sheer amount of wowfuck clouding his brain as he found her in his arms.
by DélicateDevotchka January 02, 2016
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(interjection) An expression used to convey immense resentment of something. Literally, it can be anything. If you disapprove with a passion, bombs away.
Person 1: "The North Stars are moving to Dallas."
Person 2: "Wowfuck."

Person 1: "Trump is the new President."
Person 2: "Wowfuck."

Blair Walsh: (misses field goal)
Vikings fans everywhere: "WOWFUCK!"
by Zenith the Hedgehog July 20, 2016
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