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More money = better than. A rather fail safe way to gauge the value of human worth.
Carl Espick, econmist and editor of Value Magazine-
Did you know that, according to Worthington's Law, the opera singer who called himself, 'The Great Caruso' was nowhere near as great as Sammy Hagar, The Red Rocker? So shut up, Caruso! Hey! Who's greater than Saint Francis of Assisi? How about, uh, Darryl Strawberry? See ya later, Saint Frannie, ya schmuck. Hey, guess who's better than Van Gogh. Let's see, after adjusting for inflation... almost everybody! He made nothing!"

Random Mechanic-
So that means that I'm better than Van Gogh and Galileo put together!

And I'm better than you, brainiac.
by melissa hates dolphins September 03, 2006
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