one of the finest men on planet earth, the sexiest, kindest, most talented man in the universe, jeon jungkook.

hide your kids, hide your spouses, hide your siblings, hide your parents, hide your grandparents, hide your great grandparents, hide your friends, hide your boss, hide your pets, hide your cousins. he will steal them all with his god tier looks. and your heart too.
by jeonmeeks May 18, 2021
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Jeon Jungkook of BTS

Worldwide IT Boy is a nickname previously given by media specifically to Jungkook back in 2019, for his major worldwide records and achievements.
BTS Jungkook is the Worldwide IT Boy “who helped propel BTS to worldwide music domination
by neko4neko May 12, 2021
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PARK JIMIN. Social Media King and Record Breaker.

#JIMIN is MOST used hashtag on Instagram and he holds the record of fastest photo to amass one million likes.

On Twitter, #JIMIN has been named one of the most talked about celebrities OVERALL since 2017, the only BTS member to be included in the list. He is the FIRST and ONLY individual to occupy ALL worldwide trends simultaneously during his birthday on 2019 and the only one who was able to occupy the top 28 trends last October 2020, as well. He holds the record of the MOST number of mentions among Korean artists, with 7 million mentions during the 24-hour birthday celebration.

On Tiktok, #JIMIN is the second most viewed hashtag overall and he also holds the record of the most viewed video by a Korean artist while his solo Filter remains the most used solo song as Tiktok background music.

Speaking of solo songs, all of Jimin’s solo songs are doing numbers on all platforms. He is currently the most streamed BTS member and K-soloist on Spotify and in other local music platforms like JioSaavn and Anghami. His self composed song, Promise, is the most streamed nonEnglish track on SoundCloud.

He goes viral by just breathing and can get any item, no matter how expensive, sold out. Also known as US media darling, Jimin has tv hosts, movie directors, world class artists, choreographers, photographers, literally everyone falling head over heels in love with him.
Everyone including their mommas know who Jimin is, the worldwide it boy.
by UnbiasedViews January 28, 2021
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Jeon Jungkook of BTS

The title given to the ONE and ONLY JEON JUNGKOOK by the media because of his unmatched popularity and talent.
Who is the REAL Worldwide It Boy? JEON JUNGKOOK!!!
by bnnuy May 12, 2021
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Jeon Jungkook of BTS is the worldwide IT boy. He is known for his world wide popularity. He is known to be published in different countries local magazine and newspaper. Jeon Jungkook has also been used as example in Examination form or different education related forms in many countries that proves that he is widely known enough for local authority's to use him as example.

He is also known as twitter king. He is the first person in the entire world to have 6 tweets with over 1M retweets. Also he is the only person in wold to have 4 tweets with over 3M likes on his individual tweets. Trending on twipples at #1 is his habbits.

Oh I forgot! He is widely known as sold out king as well.
by Vanishedfromearth May 12, 2021
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Kim Taehyung of BTS
BTS members are crazy popular everywhere in the world but only BTS V has the kind of unparalleled popularity that certain country is known as his land his kingdom. Japan for example is the loudest TaeTaeland out there who clearly reacts extraordinary towards him…just open one Japan BTS concert n you'll see how the crowd adores him on a different level. On twipple he usually trends higher than the group itself n is the only foreign celebrity in the Japan's top yearly celebrity list who secured a position in the top 10.
Taehyung’s fanbase is the most hardcore and largest in number for individuality and when you add that with his power to attract locals and new fans in most of BTS’s performances, then you will see how he’s the most popular. Since debut, Kim Taehyung always got the eyes of everyone and even now with a mature version of himself he is still able to bring in many fans to the fandom with his alluring visuals, captivating stage presence, and ofc his deep velvety voice also which sounds unique.

The list is crazyy and never ending.
by kpop crunch May 20, 2021
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Kim Taehyung of BTS

The title given to the ONE and ONLY KIM TAEHYUNG by the media because of his unmatched looks, popularity and talent.
Who is the REAL Worldwide It Boy? KIM TAEHYUNG!!!
by kpop happening May 20, 2021
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