A place/competition where antisocial teens go to compete in topics none of them understand, cram the last night, and feel good when they receive one of the thousands of medals there are, just to make them feel better. Oh, and also, it will cost you an arm and a leg to travel if you live anywhere that isn't a third world country or Europe.

The mascot is an alpaca, which they give you stuffed versions of so that you feel less depressed by your crushing defeat at at the hands of the Israeli team.
Bob - "wow, World Scholars Cup is tomorrow and I havent studied a single thing in sylabus"
Dennis - "dude, who even studies anyways"
*Bob goes in and gets 20/100 on the exam, filling in all the bubbles*
*still gets a gold medal*
by SextusEstDiscipulusMalus February 3, 2019
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The competition where you go and study only for us the Israelis to get the first places :)
I participated in the world scholars cup
by timmydadoggo November 6, 2022
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An international student debating/studying competition who takes place every year
Yesterday me and Bob took notes for the World Scholar's Cup
by RandomlyFluffy November 24, 2018
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