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According to the public document The Globalist Manifesto, a world government will result from the Ten Stages that will eventually lead to single global government for the whole world. This government will be like the ordinary government that we know today: with territory, people, sovereignty and with power to tax, police, and eminent domain. The only difference is that the world government will have the whole world as its territory. The world government will be able to tackle better global problems like world war, terrorism, global warming, extreme poverty, over population, over consumption, nuclear war, environmental abuse, etc. Known world personalities and organizations that are thought to be pushing for the formation of world government include Hillary Clinton, United Globalist Movement, Vatican City, Sofronio Dulay, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, PROUT, Walter Cronkite, Steve McIntosh, Bindelberg Group, illuminati, Baha'i religion, NWO, Al Gore, Republican Party, etc.
World government is part of the evolution of the human civilization. It will definitely come. It is just a matter of time.
by Sarah M. Goldstein, New York December 20, 2009
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Do you look everywhere and read everything ,just like you comb your hair and search for split ends?The World Government releases latest Pharoic terms for betterment and its followers read them.The carry big prizes.
World Government is a post WW2 creation,it is a simple two point formula that serves Democratization and Balance of Power between Nations..
The World Government Funds Plans and Projects through Angels. The latest word Empowerment of Women does not mean saving the bitches from becoming devilish?.It is understood in the third world as westernizing the girls..
by GreatGlobalist March 16, 2012
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