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One of the coolest lame people in the world. Usually asian, can be white. Gives great hugs, practices on his stuffed animal collection. Capable of being "cool". Usually is born with the belief of being black, although chances of this being true are very low. Most common words used by the Woojae are "ddong" "ddongo" "ddong sa" "ddong daeji" etc. Has 'donkaphobia', although the Woojae is known to have some junk in the trunk. Some hobbies of the Woojae are sticking his head in a djeumbe and making a strange noise, "BLEHHHHHHHH" and beating up his innocent dongseng whose name is most often Serena.
It came from Woojae's arm pits!
by Swaggmastaa October 03, 2010
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