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The location of wood behind the Ag-Building at West Muskingum High School
"Fuck Showalter, Get to the WOODYARD!"

"Jones, are you wearing safety glasses?" "Yes." "NO your not! Get to the WOODYARD!"

"Sheets, I don't want to hear your bitching, now get to the WOODYARD!"

"Awww Hell! Shumate, Out of the WOODYARD, and off your ass and on your knees!"

"Kanka, Ball, Helser, quit being queer, and get to the WOODYARD!"

"Showalter, did you make a facebook account with my name? Your kicked out of the WOODYARD forever!"
by Joshua Showalter May 24, 2008
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The gateway between life time bliss and your eventual dimise. In India it is known to bring enlightenment to your confusing world.
Let a little bit of woodyard in your life and you will feel better.
by Chase Woodyard May 01, 2008
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