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The act of having Sex, Sexual Activities, A person's Mojo, Another way of saying "HELL YEAH" A way of life!
Last night my girlfriend and I got our Woo Pow on!

Man, did you get any Woo Pow last night?

I am about to get my Woo Pow on!

(Person #1) Dude, did you get any last night?
(Person #2) No, but we did a little Woo Pow though!

(Person #1) Whats wrong with you? You seem down?

(Person #2) I think I lost my Woo Pow!

(Person #1) Dude! That girl is freaking hot!
(Person #2) Woo Pow!

Man, It's all about the Woo Pow!
by Unakaus May 13, 2010
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An exclamation of pure excitement! Often thrown in randomly.
someone stands up in a seated crowd, punches the air and shouts: "Woopow!"
by Alina aka Al-z aka Gnolly aka K December 31, 2003
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