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Pronunciation: \woom-zil'-uh\

Date: 2010

Etymology: From womb (uterus) and Godzilla (fearsome reptile star of cheesy Japanese horror movies).

1: Noun. A woman who has become so focused on her pregnancy as to become anal and demanding, causing discord in her relationships with others. The pregnancy may become all she thinks, cares, or talks about. She may have the tendency to go all psycho on her friends or husband due to hormonal imbalances caused by the pregnancy. She may become very bossy in matters related to the pregnancy or baby. She may change her Facebook profile picture to an image from her sonogram.

2: The pregnancy version of bridezilla.
Dude, she isn't even due until July, but she went all wombzilla on us and started giving us marching orders about the baby shower in January, even though we are perfectly capable and intended to plan it all along.
by Gormanator February 11, 2010
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