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Killing weaker enemies before focusing on stronger ones in an MMORPG.
Wolf packing is the reason we won that fight. Those adds kept killing us before we changed strategies.
by Domonster May 04, 2015
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Cooperative seduction, i.e. when two or more people work together to bring another person home for sex.
My boyfriend and I are going out to the bar tonight; we want to try wolfpacking a hot girl for a 3-way.
by shoajin April 07, 2012
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After a night of drinking it is common for a group of friends to parade around a neighborhood and confiscate random lawn furnishings. This practice is known as "wolfpacking".
We were all really drunk so we went wolfpacking. I got myself two new wicker chairs and a garden gnome.
by masterkpeb December 11, 2010
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