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When someone is more interested in appearing woke than actually being thirsty. Applies to those don't realize their opinions have been spoon-fed to them by the Mass Media Indie Hype Machine vis a vis It Girl Instagram handles since before they had a mind to mold. Substitute rough-round-the-edges authenticity for slick alternative lifestyle stereotypes that are generally well-received, if unoriginal.

Someone who...
- describes their esoteric, nonexistent or ill-formed philosophical beliefs as generically "spiritual"
- can be seen calling out people for cultural appropriation while not fully understanding the systemic socio-political power dynamics at play or the cultural and/or religious significance of the items in question. Can't distinguish between cultural appropriation and cultural borrowing, proceeds to judge multiculturalism superficially, without feeling the need to honor or recognize the other culture by educating oneself about it
- posts obnoxious self-congratulatory prose on their socials intended solely to validate and/or promote themselves. Might also identify as a SJW
- sports basic af hipster tattoos
- sports basic af body modifications that might've passed as cool 5-10 years ago but are now passe
- takes vacations where they go "off the grid," visits world wonders and leaves literal shit behind, or stays at an ashram and lets everyone know they did "Eat Pray Love"
I just got back from Burning Man and there were so many Libertarian CEOs, Trustfundadults, celebrities, backpackers, hippie posers and wanna-be flowerchilds there. They all just wanted to IG festival outfits and party in the desert instead of radically envisioning a shift in their own cultural woke-thirsty

Don't go to a restaurant with her...she's on a new vegan, all-organic and gluten-free diet, and she always interrogates the servers and then sends food back. I'm a celiac and my girlfriend has Hashimoto's disease and we don't even make as much of a fuss. So woke-thirsty.

I saw a girl dressed up as a gypsy at a music festival and saw her verbally tearing apart a poor girl wearing a bindhi....doesn't she know gypsy is a racial slur for the Romani? Ugh, just another woke-thirsty bitch

He's a massage therapist in his 30s and still overusing phrases like speak your truth, live your best life, and fomo. Anyone with a bald-spot saying "YOLO" is woke-thirsty

She's so woke-thirsty...she has every entry-level hipster tattoo imaginable: a dreamcatcher, an anchor, a lavender sprig, her astrological sign, birds in flight, a mandala, the "ohm" sign, a cartoon / Simpsons character, a few shitty stick-and-pokes, a pet's name, multipl "watercolor" tattoos.

She's so woke-thirsty...she only got her septum pierced because saw James Charles and FKA Twigs with it done. That, and she liked how it looked on her Snapchat filter
by TheShadyLibrarian September 18, 2019
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