When two people, generally of European ethnicity that has been called a wog before, are doing some sort of work around the house by any means (usually cheap) but one of them stand there and talk trash the entire time. Then proceeds to take partial credit later when the job is done.
Person 1: *Doing hard work, like fixing up a backyard gate*
Person 2: Yeah, this is boring. Oh, you need that tool over there? I cbf getting it. Dude, you're so uptight.

Later on...
Person 2: Oh, we sorted that gate out for you and it won't cause you any more problems.
Person 1: Oh, you lazy wog piece of sh-
Person 2: Alright, we'll be off now. *Damn, these wog jobs are such a breeze*
by Dannyboy51196 June 12, 2018
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