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A term reffering to an unidentified object definition, or action to enhance a bit of immature humor. Most of these examples may likely end up sexual, or at least infer that.
A: That is quite the wofty you have hanging there.
B: Oh, quit woftying about my mother!
C: Look at those wofty hills, all perky at the snow-capped top!
by Wofty(Minecraft) July 27, 2010
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Used to describe things of a unsavoury, undesirable or weird natural.

Generally frowned upon by the public.
"Did you see what Shelly did last night... She's a wofty slut"
"Are you drinking tonight because I'm keen to get WOFTY."
"Those white denim jeans are wofty."
by WiggyWagTail March 20, 2016
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Waste of fucking time. Something or someone that is a complete waste of your time.
Don’t listen to Ben, half of what he says is wofty.
by Yepyepyep May 14, 2018
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