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Def: Term of endearment, usually platonic, between ghetto-ites. Originally slang for "Wardie", which is slang for someone living in a certain Ward, or district in the inner city, woadie has been popularized by Southern Rappers in the past few years.
e.g. What's up woadie? What you got on my forty?
by Doombot October 20, 2003
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a positive term referring to a good friend.

can also be said as "Woaday"
Whatsay woadie/woaday?
by murray December 02, 2003
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Usually a middle-aged male that wears throwback jerseys and acts like he's 17 , usually a titty baby with daddy issues.
Listen here woadie!!
by ImBatmanB****1738 December 11, 2018
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