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noun (n)

1. someone so addicted to the game World of Warcraft that they do not realize that it isn't real. Often characterized by daily usage of gaming terms such as zerg and instance in conversations with normal people.

2. a social pariah that cannot relate to the real world or normal people in any way without trying to impose WoWisms into the short-lived conversation.
Joe: "Hi Bob, how was your weekend?"

Bob: "Oh man it was awesome! My guild zerged MC and gots lots of phats... epics man! you know, epics!? Zerging is great wow! Anyways, later we were in WSG pvp'ing when this NE rogue got the drop on me. WTF i said... I'm an Orc warrior! What was he thinking? So i said: 'oh noes it's a rogue', but you know, he didnt understand that cuz he's alliance and i'm horde .. probably sounded like 'zxcsafdwzz xzcaewrd' or something .. anyways i took my epics and shoved them right up his ass! wtfpwnd! oh it was great! he didnt understand what i said but he got the point ... hey wait a minute .. rogues .. got the point .. haha get it? oh of course you do! damn i LOL when i said that! lmao that's great ...

Joe: "oh look at the time. what a shame, i have to go ... stupid wowtard "
by Real Life January 23, 2006
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a person who plays World of Warcraft for way too long to the point that they can only talk about the game and obsessively play it, causing them to have no real life
My girlfriend is such a WoWtard. She won't sleep with me until she levels up. She has become so WoWtarded that she forget how to talk normally.
by L-Java November 18, 2008
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Someone who ruins other MMO's by constantly comparing the said game to World of Warcraft.
Guy 1: Hey man don't you like this new ops they have....

Guy 2: No, that place is stupid, NAXBRDMCAQ40 IS WAY BETTER! This game is crap, it's just like WoW.

Guy 1: So you don't like WoW then?

Guy 2: Naw man WoW's the shit!

Guy 1: But... you just said.... WoWTard
by Socore August 11, 2012
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