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specifically adressing women "bros"
Evelyn: Wow we are perfect friends!
Sam: Yeah, we are like women bros!
Evelyn: WOBROS!
by TomahawktheChinita October 26, 2011
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A portmanteau of "woman", also meant for girls, and "bro", in synthetic terms.
*Jenny and Ashlyn is at Jenny's house, in her fashionable room, with Jenny trying out what dress to wear for the prom tonight and with Ashlyn being the judge* Jenny: Hey, does this prada dress make my ass look colossal?
Ashlyn*sarcastic and already wearing her peach dress-skirt*: Oh, yeah, sure, wobro, like your colossal
ass can take over the world.
Jenny*ponders*: But wouldn't it be great if it did? That'll be a great sight to see.
Ashlyn: *makes 0-0::: in response*
by loggerheadman321 November 16, 2013
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