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1. A shower in which one is hosed by a milky white substance.
2. A shower in which one is hosed down by Wizzup
3. A shower in which one shares the stall with Wizzup
4. Any combination of the above.
(From the legal records of berky_jeef Vs. Wizzup, 1996)
Prosecutor: On the night of January the Fifth, is it true that you gave my client one of your famous 'Wizzup Showers'
Wizzup: Yes, it is.
Prosecutor: Is it true that he had explicitly requested a so called 'Wizzup shower' from you before the incident?
Wizzup: Yes sir. He verbally communicated the wish to receive such a shower several hours prior.
Prosecutor: That is all, your honor.
Judge: You may return to your seat, Wizzup. Next witness.
by lardmaster June 27, 2009
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