Wizard Staff is a drinking game in which participants consume 12 oz. cans of beer. One begins the game by simply consuming a 12 oz. can of beer. Upon consumption, the bottom of a second 12 oz. can of beer is duct-taped to the top of the consumed 12 oz. can of beer. This process continues until one has what appears to be a Wizard's Staff.

By the end of the evening, participants will be able to perform magic.
Dude: Brah, that was a crazy game of Wizard Staff last night.

Brah: Word, dude. At least there wasn't anything to clean up.
by WizardStaff May 9, 2006
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to discretely place some acid on the tip of your penis before getting a blow job without letting your partner know. Your partner will be in for a surprise
dude, I met this girl at a party and took her back to my room. It was going pretty nice but I wanted to make things more interesting so I gave her the wizard's staff. She thought my penis was a snake!
by 'jammin February 26, 2011
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A beer drinking game where the players wear a Snuggie as a "cloak" and a roll of duct tape around their wrist. As the players keep drinking, each new beer is taped to the top of their ongoing "staff", and the beer must be drank as such. The first to make a staff equal to their height wins, but only by screaming, "you shall not pass!"
I kicked ass last night at Wizard Staffs.

Have you seen his Wizard Staff? It's so big. I think he is going to win if he doesn't pass out.
by FUBAI2 March 16, 2021
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