A person who enjoys hooking up with both genders but could only fall in love with one gender
Girl 1: Marcus was a beast last night, he was even better than Jessica the night before
Girl 2: You are such a Wisteria
by Ms.Pieces February 17, 2011
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Zen Wisteria is a loyal person with a kind heart who treat people fairly.
He treat her like a Zen Wisteria.

He is loyal as a Zen Wisteria
by Licht Chou November 22, 2020
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Someone who lives or want to live in a stereotypical upper-middle class suburb, which usually can be a nice cul-de-sac as well. Because of this, they feel if they are living this life style, they will be happy.
Scott: So Tim, what happened with Kat?

Tim: She dumped me.

Scott: How come?

Tim: Because this other fella she was seeing also wanted the Wisteria Life.

Scott: That's fucking terrible. What are you going to do?

Tim: Nothing. It's her that wants to be the cliche, not me.
by Freakie Tim December 29, 2010
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a guy who is loyal,beautiful. a prince with a kind hearted. treat people fairly. lovey dovey donkey with snow white with the red hair
Zen Wisteria is a 2nd prince.
Zen loves Shirayuki.
by Licht Chou November 22, 2020
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