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Taking fisting to a whole new level, wishboning is when you use your elbow to fist your sexual partner. The elbow is bent, thus giving your elbow and arm a wishbone shape.

Traditional with wishbone customs, if your arm is broken in the process, you may make a wish.
Carl: Hey man, I heard you screaming "Louisiana Fast" last night, are you alright?
Jim: I'm more than alright. I was wishboning my first girl last night... wanna sign my cast?
by MrFinkle12 January 17, 2017
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When 2 male partners put hot wax on each others balls then press them together and wait for it to harden. Once hardened they both yank and whoever's balls are then wax free gets fucked in the ass.
Tom and I were wishboning last night. I lost, but now by balls are soo smooth, like velvet!
by RiddleKing May 03, 2018
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spreading a girls legs so far apart that her pelvis breaks.
oh man me and millie were having such rough sex last night i ended up accidentally wishboning her
by bobmonster101 July 22, 2019
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The act of two gentlemen inserting erect penis' into the same orifice may it be A, V or Nostril in a parallel fashion (side by side). They will then shuffle away from each other slowly until one member slips (or 'Boings') out.

The one that remains burrowed makes a wish.
oh well! why fight over one hole lets just do some wishboning!
by Enya J January 11, 2012
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When two men fight over the same girl a la the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. Whoever breaks off the bigger piece wins and the loser goes home, wishing he was the one boning her.
John and Steve were wishboning over Bethany last night.
by Elder Morgan February 21, 2012
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Same as "scissoring" except it involves two old ladies. The shape,smell, and brittleness of the lower bodies resemble that of Thanksgiving wishbones.
While at the retirement home, Henry witnessed two hot gilfs wishboning in the suana.
by blue magoo November 17, 2007
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