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A lowly scum sucking creature from the north. Ususlly found packing a fat chick from Rhinelander or Sheboygan. Drinks a lot of cheap "beer," brewed locally. Badgers eat a lot of fried foods and cheese and Gopher shit. They are generally not very bright, wear red, and very obnoxious. They are very envious of the mighty Hawkeyes of Iowa.
Did you see that Gopher? Nah, he must be a Wisconsin Badger. I bet his girlfriend weighed 500 pounds.
by Herky the Hawk February 28, 2008
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a generally very hot, happy person who knows how to party and has a lot of sex. Is often hated on by people from surrounding schools that aren't ranked as high, such as Minnesota and, as previously stated, Iowa. Don't be angry because you had to go to your safety school. But yeah, they have a pretty amazing time in college, work hard, and do well. After they graduate, they generally get a sweet ass job and live the life. So yeah, being a badger is pretty amazing - you should try it some time - i'd highly recommend it!
Apparently a Hawkeye? - "I hate those fucking Wisconsin badgers, so i'm going to stereotype them as being large, overweight losers, as i've probably never actually been to Madison before...."
Badger - "gee, have you been around Iowa lately? Must say, rural areas in Wisconsin and Iowa are not generally that far apart, except that Iowa seems to have far fewer people due to their citizen's generally agrarian lifestyle"

I must note that it seems odd to get bashed by a Hawkeye, usually our rival is Minnesota......but, don't be jealous, that just makes you look desperate

just thought i'd throw this in, given that it is generally how the Badgers are insulted......

Minnesota student: "the badgers *random baseless insult that is very stereotyped, rabble, rabble, rabble*"
Wisconsin Student" "umm, yeah, that doesn't make you sound like a complete moron and a five year old at all, you know"
by TheDictionKing May 26, 2009
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someone who constantly gives annoying advice, outdated opinions, or other very bothersome "help" with anything.
Store salesman: Hi, can I help find something in particular.
You: No thanks, we're just looking.
Store salesman: We have a 20% off sale on merchandise that nobody purchased last fall.
Your friend: Please don't badger us with your sales pitch.
store salesman: No problem, would you like to sign up for the club membership discount card and receive a marginal 10% discount off of already discounted items and junk mail at your home address. It's "free".
You: Let's get outta here; this guy is a Wisconsin badger.
Your friend: Later WB we're outta here.
by wnb3 November 13, 2005
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