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Wireclub, the most epic website on the internet with awesome people, tons of chatrooms with games, forums & blogs to post your random meeps, and hilarious moderators that ban trolls as the users watch, laugh, and cheer!
Girl: I love Wireclub!

Troll: I love your chunky thighs :)

Girl: WTF creep!

Mod has joined the room.

Troll: Mods can't do shit, I have 2342 profiles!

***Troll has been banned***

Troll has left the room.

Mod: correction, you "had" 2342, now you have 0 :)

Girl: lol! <3 mods , I wanna be one

Mod: You can! Just press "Shift" then press and hold "Alt" and press "F4" to open the advanced Options Control Panel. but shhhh, it's a secret k ;)

Girl: Omg!!! Thank you so much!

Girl has left the room.

Mod: lmfao!

Admin has joined the room.

Admin: I saw that... and the Rick Roll... :@

Mod: lmao! Uh oh :angel: :bolt:
by aliaz October 06, 2012
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The most ridiculous place on the internet. Where hundreds of drug abusing hippys go to meet up with each other and argue about stupid topics.
Lets go fight on Wireclub
by AnonymousUDer October 31, 2010
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