A group of people interested in all aspects of wine - grape growing, wine making, wine tasting, etc.
My wineaux friends and I enjoy visiting wineries wherever we happen to be on vacation.
by mcshawn April 12, 2013
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\ˈwī-(ˌ)nō\ noun; plural, wineauxs

An individual who derives excessive pleasure from all aspects of wine, often exhibiting symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Usually found in vineyards and tasting rooms throughout the world while on vacation, the wine bar closest to home, his or her wine cellar, and wine stores, the wineaux will also have large decorative books on wines, terroir, viticulture, and wine-making at home, along with a collection of Wine Spectator magazine. Additionally, wineauxs tend to gather in herds at wine tastings - especially free ones.
Those people standing around sniffing wine glasses are obviously wineauxs in their natural habitat.

Etymology: Believed to have been coined by the president of the Pittsburgh Wine Festival in May of 2004 on the occaision of the festival as witnessed by this contributor.
by Wonksemiologist June 27, 2014
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A “state of mind” as it relates to the consumption of wine from a glass; those who congregate in an establishment rather than a street corner to consume wine.
The Housewives of New York are the consumate Urban Wineauxs
by Wnegoddess1 June 04, 2010
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Wineau (wyno) or plural Wineaux (wynoze)
Use stemware, usually the proper one.
The difference between Winos and Wineaux, the latter are usually INside
by BerlyMo October 17, 2011
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