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Short for "Click to Like" i.e. on Facebook
Lots of people Cliked that post. All my Friends Clike our Page
by BerlyMo October 17, 2011
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Web infesting Wildlife creatures Grumous Vacuumus Acarina or Bloody Sucky ParaSites. Wildlife inlcudes Horses, Phish, Bugs, Worms and Virusees. The term is often used to include the related non-Clingon genus Avarice Probiscus or Greedy Nosy type (Spam/Scam/Spoof/Spy)
High SPF*Ware helps protect against CyberNeTics.

Surf the web unprotected and you'll end up with a CyberNeTic infestation like the Trouble with Tribbles.
by BerlyMo February 11, 2012
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Wineau (wyno) or plural Wineaux (wynoze)
Use stemware, usually the proper one.
The difference between Winos and Wineaux, the latter are usually INside
by BerlyMo October 17, 2011
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