ex. She drank so much she went home with the most mediocre guy at the club. She must've been wearing her wine glasses.
by @Miracle May 01, 2018
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Like spooning and forking but when a girl, like, jumps on a guy and wraps her legs around him (in a wine glass shape).
Ally: So, what did you do with that guy last night?
Gertrude: Just spooned him and stuff... ;)
Ally: No forking or wine glassing involved?
Gertrude: GOSH NO.
by x_ally November 08, 2007
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When a man eats out a woman on her period and he removes her tampon with his mouth, throws it behind him, and continues eating her out
Joe was telling his buddies about when he had to give his girlfriend a busted wine glass

Joe: I had to give her the ok' busted wine glass
Friends: sick bro!

*high fives*
by Thedefininggoddess August 04, 2016
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When a female has big breasts but a flat ass
Guy 1: Damn she got some tig 'ol bitties
Guy 2: But look from the back, she got a wine glass shape
Guy 1: Aww shucks Mr.Moseby, that's a shame
by AsainBoyYesAsain February 08, 2017
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20 oz. water bottle with the bottom cut out.
"Hey man, we're out of cups."
"No problem, here's a bottle, make a hobo's wine glass!"
by Turlook May 24, 2009
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This an insult stating that you are a poor person//not high class // simple// that is trying to fit in with with wealthy people and failing miserably ( and usually after that, you spiral into a deep gay depression ).
-i am so stressed to meet his family !
-oh come on ! It won’t be that bad!

- his family owns 3 castles, I’m literally apple juice in a wine glass
by Priest Mike February 14, 2020
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