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One of the smallest towns in CT, the only reason its a town is due to the airport. the youth in the town is rapidly becoming deadbeat hippies, pregnant, wankstas, drug addicts, felons, sex offenders, muslims, blacks, or white kids with hondas acting like they have fast cars. you will never find another place in the world with more "fake" people, even the ones that claim theyre friends will set you up and stab you in the back. theres more drama in this town than you'd most likely see in a major city. relationships in this town are pointless as every female is open like a frontier, and the guys tend to cry pathetically over dumb broads. everyone acts tough but are quick to call the police. and i hear herpes is running rapid throughout the town. if you ever go to this town, it'd be best if you leave instantly
jim- "wanna go to windsor locks"
joe- "what is a windsor locks"
jim- "a speck"
joe- "ohhhhhhhh, thats right, im alright with not getting a disease, or being a dope head"
by UncleStacks June 01, 2012
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A town full of ratchet hoes. Only known for the airport, but it is still 4787689653 times better than Suffield because they suck.
"Oh you live in Windsor Locks?"
"Yes we're ratchet but I'm so thankful I don't live in suffield."
by ratchettt247 April 08, 2013
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where the people that are too stupid to live in neighboring suffield move to
"Hey, I live in Windsor Locks."

"Hey great, Suffield is gunna whoop you in basketball again this year and yeah your IQ is probably low."
by 668 is better than 688 December 14, 2009
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