A special key with the Microsoft Windows logo (on most PC keyboards) that activates the "Start" menu in the MS Windows shell GUI.

For those who shun the mouse, this is a great addition to have on a keyboard while accessing programs.

However, for gamers, the Windows key is the bane of all existence (Especially for MMORPG gamers, where one touch of the Windows key can crash the entire program.)
"Using the windows key, I can start Microsoft Word in .7 seconds."

by Robot Quartet February 2, 2004
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A function/shortcut used in the Windows operating system. Pressing the Windows Key and the letter 'D' simultaneously will minimise any folder/program/window that is on the screen at the time.

Due to this function's popularity with risk-taking pornography fanatics (to quickly hide evidence of unscrupulous activity), it can be humorous to shout "WINDOWS KEY D" while entering a friend's room when you know they are using a computer.
Bill swifty entered Scott's room while shouting "WINDOWS KEY D" (windows key + d) to find Scott abusing himself with the GIF section of 4chan.org displayed on his monitor.
by agentB May 27, 2006
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Actually, it doesn't minimize all windows, it shows the desktop. There is a slight difference. When you maximize any window, all your former maximized/restored windows will open again. Window Key + M is actually the minimize all shortcut, however if an application has a dialog open, it will not minimize it.
windows key + D shows the desktop, Windows key + M minimizes all windows that don't have open dialog boxes.
by Gomer Pyle June 24, 2007
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