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Layer 8 malware: A Windows Superuser is a regular user that has developed the ability to use the Google search engine to it's advantage when attacking a Windows based operating system.

Most Windows superusers are trojans that pose as somebody that actually knows something about computers claiming that their friend's dad's uncle's brother's dog's nephew works for Microsoft and that Windows 7 was their idea.

The first thing a Windows Superuser will do is disable critical security features such as UAC, the software firewall and anti-virus software under the guise that they don't need any level of security because they "surf smart" whilst using NoScript and like to have "full control" of their computer. Most superusers will then proceed to obliterate the installation by shafting things like the page file and hibernation before deleting random registry keys in a Russian Roulette like manner.

A superuser will typically avoid Windows 8 and 8.1 due to incompatibilities with the Modern UI which leaves them in a continuous loop of whining about how they think Microsoft knows nothing about Windows and shouldn't have messed with it, though many superusers have recently developed the ability the install StartIsBack on a target machine so that they are fully compatible and able to infect it.
I'm a Windows Superuser, I have Task Manager open and everything.

I deleted the registry and now BF4 runs much faster!

Argh! Microsoft need to fix that bug I keep getting which makes Windows unbootable after I have it installed for longer than a week!

What's Linux?
by 802.11br April 09, 2014
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