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The law of self-preservation is the first fundamental natural law.
Kahlil Gibran writes in an essay from the book "The Prophet," …. "You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone."…
The time has come to remove the stumbling stone and enable all to be safe and secure under any and all conditions. "When you save one life, you save the world," is taken from an ancient Jewish text. We can learn how NOT to be a "Sitting Duck" for random "would-be" criminals (including racists of all races, anti-Semites and all others), thereby saving one life, our own.

When confronted by would-be criminals, unprepared intended-victims egos are threatened, bruised and/or punctured. This opens a window to the unconscious and exposes a negative energy pocket, which projects, absorbs and/or reflects negative self-images to the would-be criminal. Ironically, the law of self-preservation innately compels the would-be criminal to destroy the negative self-image reflected by the unprepared intended-victim. This could be the answer to the heart-felt question "WHY" when apparently senseless carnage takes place.

The color of our thoughts, deeds and intentions are what do us in, when "our" buttons are pushed, it's our "stuff" that comes up, no one else's. The following is my attempt/description of how to remedy the dilemma..
A. BLUE - positive alpha-wave energy
B. RED negative bad energy.
C. YELLOW - cautionary energy.
A. BLUE positive alpha-wave vaccine energy "plate" can be (inserted) between the B. RED bad energy
and the C. YELLOW cautionary energy and is represented by the following thoughts/wording:
"We share one universal mind, one humanity and one planet.
therefore, what we do to another, we in turn do to ourselves.
And what we do to ourselves, we in turn do to others (this wording aids in preventing suicide).
Had our circumstances in life been reversed,
then our positions now too, would be reversed.
let us have only love, compassion and understanding
for one another, for we are all a part of each other.
To be programmed in during a positive alteration in consciousness. (using yoga, meditation, devout prayer, etc, etc.). this process must be coupled with the triggering mechanism of our conscious ego being threatened bruised and/or punctured due to conscious and/or unconscious fear/danger,
Thus the "sitting duck" scenario no longer exists, the intended-victim has prepared ahead of time and is able to "bask in the sunlight of the spirit," if the conscious ego is threatened, bruised and or punctured. The stress (crime encounter) can now be aborted.

When the "prepared" intended-victim's ego is threatened, bruised and/or punctured the window
opens and exposes positive (blue alpha-wave) energy is projected, absorbed and reflects a
positive self-image to the would-be criminal. This reflection of a positive self (esteem) image
breaks the spell of criminality the would-be criminal is under and a degree of healing take
place for the would-be criminal.
The Law of Self Preservation comes into play and the would-be criminal is innately compelled
to preserve this positive reflection of his/her real God-self image.
Thus, the crime encounter is aborted, and Win-Win stress (crime encounter) Management with
Triggering Mechanisms has created positions of power and sanctuary for the intended-victim as
well as a degree of healing for the would-be criminal.

For me, this was about as close to a unified field process (experience) that I could ever imagine.

Imagine the relief and joy of the families of both would-be criminals and intended-victims who are spared the nightmare of the "sitting duck" scenario. The intended-victim is no longer an intended-victim - they are survivors and healers. The would-be criminal is no longer intent on criminality but disarmed by having a positive self-image (self-esteem) reflected to them on a subliminal level at a very crucial time (during a crime encounter).

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by Betty Mehan Calter September 14, 2008
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