To get someones' support or friendship by being nice to them.
The party worked hard to win over undecided voters.
by Hada del Sol February 16, 2018
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It's said that after years of years of getting into Harry Potter thanks to someone else, there comes a time in every HP fan's time that they are ready to see this Chart

Wormtail>Cedric = Wormtail klled Cedric
Voldemort (Gave Wormtail's hand)> Wormtail

Using an awesome method by some smart dude, this refers that not only does Harry Potter PWN a premature little Vampire, but 4 times

Therefore, Harry Potter is 4x better than Twilight.
Suck it Vampires
by PunkyHearts August 8, 2011
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Starting from the top of the head down to the toes, one is covered in semen.
"Stay still, I'm going to win you over."
"Dad won over mom last night."
" 'It's EVERYWHERE' ... 'Yeah, I'm winning you over."
"Winning over your face"
by Jessibel.2727 April 11, 2017
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when if you win in a game where you cant do anything at the last turn. For example, You got a 2048 tile in the game of 2048 but when you continue, you cant do anything
Alice: Yay, I win!
Bob: You do realize it is a game over win, right?
by pocodefenitions July 31, 2022
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