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1. A phrase often used to inform someone of the fact that their head has similar visual qualities to that of the male genitalia.

2. I playground insult, possibly the most effective of them all

3. Two totally unrelated words that have been placed side by side.
(All definitions exemplified by my marvelous assistants John and Martin)

1. John - Hey Martin, your head resembles a penis...

Martin - Are you saying that I have a Willy Head?

John - It appears so...

Martin - Huh

*Both walk off*

2. Martin - Oii John, I'm better than you at Football

John - Willy Head!

*Martin backs off*

3. John - Willy... Head

Martin - That was random.

John - Indeed.
by July 02, 2011
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A term to describe a person in a fun/silly way. Often seen as an immature way to 'name-call'.

Literal meaning: A person with a penis on their head.
Kelly: Oh Clare, you're such a willyhead.
Clare: Willyhead? Haha!
by Trashy675 June 12, 2012
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A person that is very annoying and is known as a sped.

One thats makes others really mad that they want to yeet themselves in a dumpster.
A goofy and retarded person that does stupid things.
A word used when a conversation gets awkward and you need to start a new convo up.
Billy: {does stupid dance down hallway}
Juliey to friends: “omg what a willy head”
by Ooferganger May 23, 2019
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