Daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Very young artist (born in the year 2000) signed to Jay-Z's label roc nation. Famous for the neck-wrenching song "whip my hair". Has been compared to Rihanna and has an eclectic style.
Q- Yo, what was that track we were whippin to last night?
A- "Whip my hair" by Willow Smith
by wingedream November 16, 2010
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Is when a woman shakes her head around wildly while giving a blowjob causing her hair to 'whip back and forth'
Don't let the haters stop you while your suckin' some cock, shake um off. Give him a Willow Smith.
by oneuglybastard November 19, 2010
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meaning no homo. Used by teenagers when they feel like they are acting gay but replace the pejorative word by a quite colourful one.
doug: hey, I fell like I want a banana..
steve: ...
doug: NO WILLOW SMITH buddy, I am just hungry!!
by DaBriJe April 2, 2011
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