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A small and starting production company currently based on YouTube and is run by Wilfredo A Luciano of Ohio. There videos range from skits and comedy, to original music and lyric videos. Their lyric videos are current the source of bring in their audience, the lyric videos are either made officially of request of the artist, or unofficially just to appease the audience's request. There have been lyric videos for the artists of Avicii, Zedd, Young Avz, Peter Thomas, and Nicky Romero, with many more said to come. The total views on their channel is over half a million (500,000+) and with subscribers steadily climbing as more content is release. Wilfredo himself has claim 2014 will be a defining year for WillFireStudios, with release of EPs, mixtapes, multiple originals, and a possible short film. WillFireStudios just may be a revolution in the making.
John: "Have you ever heard of WillFireStudios?"

Steve: "Didn't they make the lyric video to that song Clarity?"

John: "Yeah! They're awesome I love Face of No Expression!"

Steve: "Really?! I'm definitely subscribing!"
by Mr. White Boy Swagg April 28, 2014
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