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She chill, good, pretty, funny, loyal, nd smart. She is always making people laugh. She can be mean and have a attitude at times. She loves food. She hates when people switch up on her. But she has a good soul and truly is sweet and kind. Most boys try talking to her and stare at her butt. She is a woman one man.
Dylan: Wiliyah is so mean but the butt is hanging.
Jay: She gotta man
by WandaWalli July 16, 2017
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She so cool, funny, bad, pretty, and thick. She try to stay focus but get distracted. Wiliyah is the loyal type. People might try to make seen like she a bad person but she's not. She one man woman. Has a big heart of gold and sweet. She just tough and ride at times
Daniel: Josh Wiliyah so pretty and thick
Josh: Yea but she got a man
Jayla: Don't look at her like that she's really sweet
by WandaWalli March 14, 2017
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