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The nickname for Wildwood, NJ because it's so ghetto compared to the upscale surrounding islands of south jersey due to the massive amounts of vacationers and people that moved from philly, camden, and other ghetto neighborhoods.
Katie: Where are you chillin tonight?
Matt: Wit my homies in Wildhood.
by SWalshie September 01, 2006
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A nickname for Wildwood, MO, and the part of St. Louis county that looks nice, but is rampant with graffiti artists, juul dealers, and 6th graders that vape. If you don't like middle schoolers that wear snapbacks, Supreme, and belts rigged with vape juice bottles, avoid Wildhood.
White kid: Man, I spent all my lunch money on pods In Walgreens. Life in the Wildhood is tough my ni**a!
by WILDHOOD 420 October 19, 2017
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