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to read a plot of a tv show/movie of Wikipedia instead of watching it
Person A: "Do you wanna see a movie tonight?"

Person B: "Sure, What about 'Peter in the world'?"

Person A: "Nah, looks stupid."

Person B:"Alright I'll just Wiki-Watch it later.."


Person A: "Hey, Did you see the new 'Harry Potter' movie?"

Person B: "I haven't got a chance to see the movie but I wiki-watched it."
by OurLadyOfSorrows February 14, 2010
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in lieu of actually watching a movie or television show, reading the plot summary available on wikipedia. Often done by people with limited free time, or limited attention spans.
Yeah, I saw Fried Green Tomatoes...well, I didn't really SEE it, but I wikiwatched it.

I don't have time to watch the whole thing, but I'll wikiwatch it during class.
by Shalayna February 23, 2010
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Getting to know the plot of a movie online easily by reading it from the wikipedia.
"I havent seen any of the HP series yet! Cuz my friends hate HP.. But Im just gonna wiki watch it if you insist"
by Power-Inside March 20, 2009
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Binge-watching a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime...while keeping an iPad opened to Wikipedia in order to flesh out the storyline with historical facts, facts about the actors, and other random silly questions we want answered. It's like MST3K and Pop Up Video had a baby.
I am so far behind on Sons of Anarchy. Let's Wiki-Watch to catch up.
by Kardur2 March 09, 2016
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