That shitty feeling you get in your stomach after chugging a redbull
Man, I drank two red bulls yesterday, and I got a serious case of wiiiings
by Sexy pigeon July 23, 2018
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Basically a Moroccan swear word, but they turned it into a widely used idiom ,people often use it to express anger or funnily make a response when someone throw a foolish argument or illogical explanation of something obvious , sometimes it is inserted unnecessarily within a discourse between two immature individuals to purposelessly mislead the speaker to forget about the main topic and delve into a senseless, crappy discussion .
karim:Ali, Ali.. fati told about how she sees me , she confessed that i'm the nicest guy ever.
Ali: Wiii will never get laid .
by l9ayd_l3iyachi January 05, 2018
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