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Women's Issues. A forum on Craigslist that talks about issues that women face. Although the welcome note says men are welcome, they most certainly are not.

Topics to bring up in Wifo:
-anal sex
-animal rights
-bikini waxes
-complaining about your job
-complaining about your co-workers
-jealousy, or being "J"
-microwaving fish
-Pepito, pepito-pie, pep, etc.
-"What does it mean when....?" questions

If you are pretty, you will be hated.
If you are rich, you will be hated.
If you drive an SUV, you will be hated.

You will always be fat, ugly, and stupid

You will be hated regardless of what you post, and you will never get any informative information, unless you know the right people to ask.

You will most likely feel like shit about yourself after you post, and then someone will post a kitteh pic, and you will feel better.

And if you ever need a present for your SO, steak and a BJ
Sally: "Hey, why are you so upset?"
Mary: "I went on Wifo to ask if I should get my cat de-clawed and they told me to die"
by *OMGWTFBBQ April 29, 2009
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