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A drinking game played like regular wiffleball baseball. The most prominent rule of the game is that players must always have a can in their hand. If an out is made by a player with two open hands this out does not count. Batting must be done with a beer in the batter's hand and if the batter strikes the can out of his/her own hand the player must perform a shotgun. A new beer must be opened for each at bat, and a runner cannot score unless he/she finishes the beer before reaching home plate. If a runner reaches home plate before finishing their beer, it counts as an out. All normal baseball rules are followed, except if a runner is struck with the wiffleball while off base they are considered out. Games consist of 10-20 players. Typical games are played until the beer has all been drunk. Most epic Wiffle-Beer games have forgotten scores and everyone involved walks off the field a winner. Shit Talking is a must, esp. when runners projectile vomit.
Dick- Man, I'm going to have to take a nap before tonight's party, that 2PM wiffle-beer game kicked my ass!

Jane- Dick, you're a pussy.
by psylemon November 02, 2011
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A drinking game in which the top of the wiffleball bat is cut off...and each inning the batter chugs a full beer out of the bat, following the chug the batter spins the designated amount of spins ( 1st inning two spins each following inning..2nd inning 7,3rd inning 9..etc) then the empty can is pitched to the batter who has just completed his spins and the batter attempts to hit a home run which is a wall or fence a mere 25 feet away. If the batter misses the can, a penalty beer is to be chugged. One re throw per bat as well, however the spins for that round must be redone. Winner is the player with the most homeruns at the end of the nine innings. This game was created at the Jersey Shore summer of 2006, the game is under review currently for permanent brain damage it may cause.
Oprah- Did you see those cracker ass boys playing wiffle-beer?

Star Jones- Yeah, Wait till that ish' hits the streets its gonna be a world wide phenonenon.

Oprah- Damn girl, yous is right
by Chuck Knoblock July 16, 2006
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