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1. An adverb often attributed to behavior resulting from fear, often social fear, that results in retreat from situations wholly, refusal to participate, or participation in those situations only passively. 2. Indirect actions or statements aimed at challenging or influencing the social status of another subversively, i.e. anything done "behind ones back" or statements that do not reflect ones true ideas about something, or more often that subtly insinuate the opposite of what they appear to say at face value. 3. Deriving satisfaction not from the actual status of ones situation but rather the self perceived cleverness and success of the situation in relation to others surrounding it, often perceived as sub par. Possibly related or derived from "weaselly" or "weak sauce".
After the disagreement I encountered him at another event, where he wienerly avoided me the entire evening, afraid to acknowledge the tension between us. Later I heard from others in attendance that he had repeatedly commented that my shoes were gay.
by SaucyBabyCakesOMG January 30, 2010
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