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A red dust covered shithole, in situated in South Australia that is populated, mostly by dropkicks.

Most Whyalla kids in high school have nothing better do to with their life, but get wasted ("parro"), fingered and put on the spit by some drunken 24 year old ~hip guys every weekend.

The average independence of Whyalla people starts at the age of 15-16, where they find out that themself, or a person that they fucked- is in fact pregnant.

The "worthy" people of Whyalla, which is a rare specie within the region; manage to escape the shitty underage sex and binge drinking life by moving to Adelaide once they've dropped out of school to study some TAFE course, in hope that they'll make something of their life.
Person 1: "Such'n'such from Whyalla is preggos"
Person 2: "Yeah she told me, like she did with all the 18 other dudes who could possibly be the dad"

Person 1: "I'm from a place that is full of 13 year old sluts"
Person 2: "Oh, so you're from Whyalla then, right?"
by lulzzor July 12, 2008
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A town in South Australia, largely known for having the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies in south Australia.

Contrary to popular thought, not all the girls in Whyalla are dirty sluts - but. .you know, most are.

In Whyalla, if you are 13 - 18, you aren't cool unless you go out every weekend, get insanely drunk, hook up with two or three people and shove drugs up your bottom. This is quite a disadvantage for the decent teens of the town, who are simply trying to do well in their lives, and not get pregnant before they have their sweet sixteen.
Pregnant slut: Hi. I'm pregnant. Give me attention.

Normal person: Oh right. So you're from Whyalla then? *doesn't want to get to close in fear of getting an STD

Pregnant slut: See many people would think that, but I'm actually from Pt. Pirie. We smoke a lot of weed there and probably do more drugs and drink more than people in Whyalla, but they're the only ones that get recognised for it.

Normal person: It all makes sense to me now.
by iseestickytape July 18, 2009
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