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Whoreticulture is the industry and practice of celebrity cultivation including the process of garnering fame and admiration for nothing short of a poorly made sex tape.

Whoreticulturists conduct a monetarily successful existence in the practice of pornography, poorly made pop music, and self commercialization usually in the form of a perfume or clothing line. The work involves fucking on film in a hotel room, releasing it to the public on the internet, landing a successful reality TV show, in some cases getting punched in the face on said reality show, putting out an "Autobiography" with a nauseating title written by someone else, and recording a pop song that when listened to, will make you lose complete faith in the human race.

Their staggering ability to remain famous despite the fact they're completely talentless is a testament to how far our empty culture has fallen.
There is the old saying, "50 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" perhaps that's true... But 50 Million Kim Kardashian fans have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. Now that's what I call whoreticulture.
by manifestjoe April 25, 2011
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A hobby which involves shagging or fucking a slapper in your or in a neighbour's garden.
Fancy a bit of whoreticulture love? I'll get me tool out...
by WhosYourDaddy January 14, 2004
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