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the most unimaginative, barely original and annoying "comeback" someone could have their shuffling cards shit out.
"Who asked?"
"I dont care if you didnt ask you fucking loser, this is why nobody likes you."
by peniscumthesecond October 01, 2020
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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When someone tells you something but nobody asked them to tell you
person 1: hey you know i’m going to the beach this weekend?
person 2: das cool and all but who asked?
by Jahs Poo Dealer January 23, 2020
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an insult used by retarded middle school boys. it will most likely never make sense and anyone who uses it is either, unoriginal or sped, or both.
person:"bro you legit smell like shit."
retarded middle school boy: "who asked"
person:"for the last time, this is something called an argument, where you respond with real statements"
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by soggytoenailedfaggot July 15, 2020
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The term "Who Asked?" is mainly used to insult people you are not fond of when they say anything and/or the slightest thing unnecessary, irrelevant, or uncalled for
Truckey: Hey Guys!
Lex: Who Asked?
Gavan: Who Asked?

Charlie: Who Asked?
Griffen: Who Asked?
Jadyn: Who Asked?
Braden: Who Asked?
Sono: In Chat Who Asked?
Rascals: In Chat Who Asked?
Justice: Silent but thinks to self Who Asked?
Truckey: *Leaves Party*
by NotTheMonkeyMan May 27, 2020
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the most unoriginal comeback in the world, but if used creatively, can be the most powerful one
bruh: asks a question out of nowere
broi: who asked?
broi: but you started it and asked, so you asked, yet no one wants to hear you, so no one asked
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by someone else thats not u March 01, 2021
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The greatest insult to ever exist. Nothing but brute force can combat it
If you are really proud of something you did, or want to share a fact and someone says "Who asked?" You can't say anything back to that. It puts you in this weird spot where you can't say anything else. Next time someone says "who asked" to you, kick their ass. If someone insults you, say "who asked" and prepare yourself.
Tim: "ur shoes look like shit"
Mark: "Who asked"
Tim: *pulls out gun"
by plaper69 November 24, 2020
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