the most unimaginative, barely original and annoying "comeback" someone could have their shuffling cards shit out.
"Who asked?"
"I dont care if you didnt ask you fucking loser, this is why nobody likes you."
by The TallyMid Exterminator October 1, 2020
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I asked… it was me all along
Chad: Bro you weren’t helping me

Fortnite Kid: Who?

Chad: You!

Fortnite Kid: Asked?

Intelligent man: I asked.. If you were thinking Who Asked? It was me.
by • Intelligent Man • May 24, 2022
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When someone tells you something but nobody asked them to tell you
person 1: hey you know i’m going to the beach this weekend?
person 2: das cool and all but who asked?
by Jahs Poo Dealer January 24, 2020
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Who asked? is a term used by sluts and should only be used correctly (see example below) it's a low life insult and a better one should be used instead of this cringe worthy sentence. Most people know exactly when to use it and are gods at doing it, and the others are usually Tik tokers, Roblox kids, Dumbfucks, Gacha life kids, and low life scumbags that know very little in English communication and would rather watch the world laugh at the stupidity in their hands.

For the people who use it correctly, are most likely at the top already, and are well known in the community where they are. For most people, they will brush it off, but men don't, they will assault the mind of the whomst asked, if they are required too.

if you are a member of this so called "insult" I advise, seek the comeback of "You did dumbass..." and watch them deny the fact they are mental.
Bad use
A: "So anyway that's why we all should run y'know?"
B: "Hey who asked?"
A: "My fuckin friends- Who asked you to bump in?"
Good use
T: "So does anyone have any questions about the test?"
A: "Miss! umm who?"
T: "... Who wha-"
A: "WHO ASKED OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" (get it cause nobody likes teachers? ahahahah kill me)
by meth bitch June 21, 2021
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It's the "best" comeback ever. You can use it anywhere and whenever you want. If someone uses it too much just tell him that he asked.
A: Hey, I just bought a new pho-
B: Who asked?
A: Sorry, I thought you wou-
B: Who asked?
A: Eh
B: Who asked?
A: Are you ok?
B: Who asked?
A: You.
B: Who asked?
A: You asked.
B: Oh fu-
by Houští April 16, 2022
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Just for when you need to ask some one who the hell asked.
John: yo i just downloaded an app for my phone check it out!
Jerry: excuse me but Who asked?
Jerry: thats what i thought
by Masterofwhoasked April 25, 2020
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Just stop talking they don't wanna here your voice or what you have to day
Person 1: did you know butter is-
Person 2: who asked?
by Buttered Cow February 6, 2020
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