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An upstanding country village in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, where the beautiful people live peacefully and sociably in their quaint 6 bedroom country houses. Whitehillians enjoy a stroll in the woods, or helping his/her neighbour to do some charitable deed, like sell all their belongings to help poor orphaned grandmothers in Antarctica. Never EVER to be confused with the grubby stain of Bordon unrightfully discharged on the northern edge of Whitehill, infecting the nearby area with social inebriates.
Mr A (Interviewer): "So where do you come from?
Mr B: "Whitehill"
Mr A: "Oh we're not employing you you Bordon Pikey"
Mr B: "I just said that i live in Whitehill, not Bordon. You must become more geographically correct sir, if you want your business to survive"
Mr A: "Oh im sorry i thought that Whitehill was Bor.."
Mr A: "From that information, Your hired"
by BenKenTheBest March 31, 2004
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campsite in south devon. absolutly superb place to go on a slightly overpriced british holiday. barstaff are awesome and quite frankly if you cant get layed here you are not normal.
person 1 - im stayin at whitehill for two weeks this summer.

person 2 - i hear the barstaff there are awesome...

person 1 - thats right, and the girls are easy!
by djl October 06, 2004
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