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A person of European decent who believes in a white nation for and run by whites.
Jason is a White Nationalist. He hopes for a white state in the near future, because the blacks are continuing to ruin America everyday.
by morphineline October 14, 2007
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A pathetic excuse for a human being who probably still lives in the trailer with his parents who had the same last name before they were married. The White Nationalist believes that all other races are inferior and therefore unworthy of living around him, and he also includes people who bath as "other races." In general, the white nationalist hates anyone who is different from him: black people, Jewish people, gay people, Latino people, and, especially, SMART PEOPLE.

In the world of the white nationalist, the same America that has elected a black president twice and will not let him walk down the street in a "white power" t-shirt unmolested will allow for a white revolution. They idealize serial killers like Timothy McVeigh and dream of the day when the capitol of the United States will be moved from DC to their hometown of West Bumblefucker, Mississippi.

Despite the claims of some, the White Nationalist is a harmless animal. He is usually a ninety pound pimple faced child who spends his time on Stormfront message boards while eating Chinese food (non-white) before watching some Anime (also non-white)

White nationalist are known for being virgins with little education and beer guts while at the same time insisting they are the Master Race.
As a true white Nationalist, Cletus McGee believes in the fourteen words: 1)Save 2)the 3)Aryan 4)race! 5)Procreate 6)with 7)your 8)mother, 9)sister, 10)aunt, 11)and,12) if 13)necessary, 14)grandmother!
by inglorious bastard January 20, 2013
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