A generally lenient form of a parent; these people are usually not control freaks but still insert a certain set of rules for a kid to abide by.

Comparable to: Asian parent
White kid: Hey mom, can I go smoke some pot?

White parents: Sure, just make sure you finished your homework!

White kid: Oh yeah, I forgot, I had a stash of powdered heroin in your car, can I use that tonight?

White parents: Yeah, just make sure you come home before 10:00 P.M!
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the only ever parents that will listen to you curse at them and say sorry after, get you everything you want, and come to those afterschool school shenanigans.
by bitchboysaga6969 November 24, 2020
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a white mom or dad who is extremely strict
follows the rules to the tip
a karen
kid: can i use my phone

white parent: no you have a time limit for a reason
by mixedkidwithwhiteparents July 27, 2020
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