A group of white males that are friendly in having open minded conversations with each other. When having open minded conversation use valid premise (support/logic) whether one reads it, hears it, or learns it from an experience. White boyz do not argue, they simply debate and learn from each other. These conversations can be fueled by narcotics to make one feel more at ease and active with the debate.
I am part of "White boyz", because i want to enjoy everything this world has to offer.
by Nick001 November 01, 2010
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Two young men from Acworth, GA, residing in BW, who drive sick whips, VW's, and get sick tricks. Everything they touch turns to Platinum Selling Records, and every word they speak is echoed by a chorus of angels. Also known as DWB.
"You hear that 'Contagious'?"
"Yeah! Dem White Boyz are so fresh"
"You know it, for real talk, DWB till I die!"
by CFM DaBeast April 14, 2009
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