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a white male typically raised in black/urban environment, adores black women, despises and rejects anything caucasian including white women. Adored by black women. The only white guy at the party that everybody loves. Possibly a rapper or dj. Blacker than some of his black friends proving the "white" in White Mike is actually quite ironic. Fly ass dude.
White Mike gets more black girls than me.

White Mike is black, he's just real real lightskin.

White Mike knows all the bad bitches
by christopher michaels June 22, 2010
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Any of your typical run of the mill white guys in their early/mid 20's who acts as ghetto as possible. Can typically bee seen sporting the white wife-beater and backwards ball cap. White Mikes love freeloading and will doing ANYTHING for certain goods and services. White Mikes can be seen around public parks and pools trying to pick up girls that he can "t-t-t-turn it over and hit it."
"Hey isn't that White Mike trying to get free water from that pizza place?"

"Man, I wish someone would put White Mike out of his missery."

"Hey guys, White Mike is trying to pawn 'House Party 4' any takers?"
by I Heart WhiteMike 4 EVER July 16, 2006
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